Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bringing Back the Anorak: Military Style.


An anorak or parka is a type of heavy jacket with a hood, often lined with fur or fake fur, so as to protect the face from a combination of freezing temperatures and wind.
As the seasons are changing and we’re falling into winter, street wear has yet again taken an ordinary item and tagged it with swag.

Although anoraks are defined basically as parkas (thank you wikipedia), fashion has decided to blend new textures and patterns with the convenience of something that has always been around.

Army green and camo? So in right now. On a deeper note, perhaps this is just fashion’s way of telling us that we are all just consumers, we are all blending in together, we will camouflage into the background with all the other hype beasts. 

Or maybe it’s just another trend passing by.

I’m not much of an outerwear kind of girl; I love being cold and I hate layers because I feel like the Michelin tire guy, but my cool army green anorak is the perfect thing to throw on with a pair of docs without trying too hard and resulting in a hip look. 
There’s definitely a price to pay in fa$hion, but I guess it depends on your demand, your budget, and your environment. You can find versions of these online, from Karmaloop to Runway Bandits to NastyGal to Agaci. You can literally find these bad boys anywhere.

Whether it’s a fashion statement, a convenient piece of outerwear, or an interpretation on consumerism, I’ve fallen for it. Add a light hoodie or a beanie and you’ll take on that Bay swag instantly, like me.

And if you’re in luck, you’ll find one for $18 at American Vintage, like I did.

Beanie & Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters
Anorak - American Vintage
Hoodie - Brandy Melville
Patterned Tank & Disco Pants - American Apparel
Boots - Doc Martens.
Purse - H&M

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