Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring has Sprung!

A quick update on my life as of now:

-Daylight savings is as pleasant as a root canal.

I'm definitely going to switch the direction of my blog around spring break, once I have time to fully devote myself into the craft, but in the mean time, hey! 

Spring has sprung, and although I've got finals on finals on papers on coffee on dance, I love the weather that spring brings! 
Hopefully everyone is spending their time wisely doing whatever they need to do; I thoroughly advocate time management. However, if you don't feel good, try to look good and slap a smile on your face. 

Spring cleaning, to me, really means, "Hey! Let's look through your closet and find some stuff you haven't worn in a while!" 
With that being said, I found a nice floral chiffon button up from Brandy Melville that hasn't been worn in a long while, and the floral paired with my usual black on black on black really brings a nice look that I like to call "Garden of Black Petunias." 

Haha, anyway, have a good week! 

Photo by @NativeFlowers.
Button Up - Brandy Melville.
Skirt - F21.
Boots - Lucky Brand.

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