Friday, March 8, 2013

No Parking at Any Time.

Just hanging out with a friend who is an amazing photographer is never "just hanging out".
My new photography man friend and I went on a little adventure around campus, as I showed him the cool and artsy secret locations, as he messed around with his new fixed lens.
      I hate the fixed lens because it's a bitch to take pictures with and it's super close up. For these pictures, he was about 40 feet away.

Anyway, this is my outfit the day after a 7 page paper was written as well as a 10am to 6pm class schedule was endured, followed by practice from 8pm to 1:30am.

I guess I wear a lot of black, black, and black. With a hint of black. And maybe some white. But mostly black.

Top: American Apparel Striped Turtle Neck
Pants: High Rise Cigarette BDG Jeans

All photos taken by Rooz Riahi.

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