Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wrapped Up in Vegas

"are you free sunday night?"
"uhhh i can be.. why?"
"let's hang out. i'll give you an incentive. my show that i work on is having a wrap party, meaning celebrities and an open bar. and if we're lucky, dennis quaid will be drunk and performing with the band. come with?"

My friend from high school, who I have flaked on every chance I have for lunch, works on the set of "Vegas" on CBS, a show I've never even heard of. But I thought, "What the hell, yolo?"

It wasn't too bad: middle aged folk who were mildly talking shit on some producer or supervisor whom they hated, while sharing a drink with them a few minutes later; the bartenders pouring way more alcohol in these mixed drinks than we did sneaking around in high school; craps and poker tables that allowed everyone but me to win.

And yes, Dennis Quaid did perform. He's wild.
My friend would NOT allow me to go up to him and say, "I LOVED your work in The Parent Trap. Do you still talk to Lindsey?"

Anyway, after some drinks and telling these people that I was an escort service just here for the night, we decided to use the set, that was brightly lit for the night, and take some pictures. Enjoy!

Blazer - Urban Outfitters
Body Suit & Disco Pants - American Apparel


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